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O2 Optix Contacts will be discontinued as of 12/31/2013

Contact lens wearers, there are a few things you should know:
In our office, we want to reward you for your loyalty.

If you purchase a one year supply of contact lenses and change your lenses according to Dr. Lee’s recommended schedule, you will reduce your risk of eye infections and other disorders that commonly happen to contact lens wearers.

Your eyes and sight are precious, so we want to help you take care of them. We offer in-office benefits as well as those which come from the manufacturer and distributor.

In-Office Benefits:

We offer a 20% discount on any pair of regular priced sunglasses as well as a variety of $30.00 non-Rx sunglasses to protect your delicate eyes from harmful UV rays while outdoors.

Because there are times when you may not want to wear your contact lenses, we also offer a special “spare pair” program for your backup glasses.

If you should happen to run out of lenses shortly before you are due for a new exam, or a lens tears, we will give you complimentary diagnostic replacement lenses.

If your prescription changes during the year, we will exchange unopened boxes.

Manufacturer Benefits:

One-year supply orders are also eligible for rebates from the manufacturer of your contact lenses when you order at the time of your exam and contact lens evaluation.

In addition, you benefit from free shipping of your annual supply directly to your mailbox.

We look forward to fiiting you with a new pair of contact lenses, as well as supplying you with an annual supply!

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